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Blowback: A Thriller

By Brad Thor

Blowback: A Thriller

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Started reading:
2nd October 2010
Finished reading:
8th October 2010


Rating: 8

A recent stay in Myrtle Beach, SC gave me the opportunity to devour a couple of Brad Thor’s adventure yarns including Blowback. Once again Thor is focused on the escapades of ex-SEAL Scot Harvath. If you you decide to read Blowback, start with The Lions of Lucerne. Though not critical, Harvath’s relationship with FBI Director Lawlor and President Rutledge in Blowback is based somewhat on their mutual experiences in Lions.
As with all books in this genre, the reader has to suspend reality abit when it comes to the bad guys trying to kill Harvath. As one of the bad guys in Lions puts it, Scot seems to have more lives than a cat. Of course, Thor doesn’t let Harvath escape totally unscathed. He gets wounded, kicked, punched and bruised over most of his body all the while pursuing and being pursued. But of course, by the next encounter Harvath has healed/ recovered just enough to put down a bad guy or rescue his beautiful companion!
The overall result is again a book that isn’t in the genre of great literature but you will have a hard time putting down. Have some fun and give it a read!