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Hell’s Corner

By David Baldacci

Hell’s Corner

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Started reading:
10th January 2011
Finished reading:
13th January 2011


Rating: Unrated

Classic Baldacci! David Baldacci is the master of this adventure genre and Hell’s Corner doesn’t disappoint. I am fortunate to have started with the first Camel Club book so I have followed Oliver Stone’s exploits with each new release. Hell’s Corner keeps up Baldacci’s fast paced format with plenty of plot twists.

In my other postings for Baldacci’s books I make the point that his books are not fine literature but if you’re interested in an adventure shoot’em up requiring some suspension of conspiracy theory reality, then Hell’s Corner is for you.

The Camel Club books are best appreciated when read in their chronological sequence because of references to previous events. Though, Baldacci does provide a couple of sentence summaries with the references if you haven’t read the previous books.