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The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris

By David McCullough

The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris

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Started reading:
14th July 2011
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29th July 2011


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Another hit from the pen of David McCullough. In this current book you are transported back to the 19th century (~1830-1900) to a time when adventurous Americans saw Paris as the center of learning in the arts and science. America was struggling with its provincial heritage and had yet to become a world leader. France on the other hand was at its height of creativity in the arts and science.
For example, in 1833 the twelve Paris hospitals treated over 65,000 patients in contrast to the two Boston hospitals that treated fewer than 800. But beyond the volume of patients and thus variety of ailments, Parisian physicians were at the forefront of medical knowledge and warmly welcomed the American physicians as students.
When it came to the arts, painters and writers found Paris an invigorating and life changing experience. Over and over again, McCullough provides examples of writers and painters that came to Paris to recharge their creative batteries through their career.
In summary, David McCullough provides an enjoyable spotlight into the lives of some of our most important Americans and the influence Paris had on their lives. He also illuminates our enduring relationship with the French and Paris in particular.