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2007 Race Palmares

Below are listed my race palmares for 2007. This my 4th year back into racing and last year racing 50+. Next year 60+. Results were better than last year even though most of my role in races this year was to work for my teammate, Jay Gaunt and his question for the BAR championship. Still, my time trials have improved. It seems time trials are my strength and will be my focus in 2008. My time this year in the 50+ time trial championship would been 2nd place in the 60+ category. Overall, the competition in the 50+ category continues to get stronger. In 2008 some very strong 40+ racers will be moving to the 50+ category.

    Race Category Place

      Strasburg RR 50+ 16th
      Kirkwood Road Race 50+ 13th
      Mount Joy Road Race 50+ 25th
      Lower Providence Crit 50+ 24th
      Farmersville RR 50+ 35th
      Mtn Pain TT 50+ 25th
      Ephrata Criterium 50+ DNS
      Tour of Ephrata – GC 50+ DNF
      Turkey Hill Classic 50+ 25th
      US 40K TT Challenge 50+ 9th
      Bethlehem Criterium 50+ 22th
      Rodale Fitness Park Crit 55+ 15th
      Union Grove RR 50+ 17th
      Habitat for Humanity CR 50+ DNF
      Rt 29 TT 55+ 2nd
      Commerce Bank Triple Crown TT 50/60+ 14th
      Rt 29 TT 55+ 2nd
      Cargas Criterium 50+ 28th
      Rt 29 TT 55+ 1st
      Dan Spencer Memorial RR 50+ 15th
      Rt 29 TT 55+ 3rd
      Ed Peters Emerick Blvd Crit 50+ 32nd
      Millport RR 50+ 15th
      Sportsfest Criterium 50+ 31st
      Robert Fulton Road Race 50+ 25th
      Tour of Christiana RR 50+ 31st
      Tour of Christiana TT 50+ 18th
      Tour of Christiana Crit 50+ DNF
      Tour of Christiana GC 50+ 25th
      Chris Thater Crit 50+ 14th
      Pine Grove Furnace TT 50+ 8th
      Yuasa Crit 50+ 12th

Overall, I came in 25th (87 pts) in PA Best All-around Rider (BAR) competition. 51 PA riders received points this year. This compares to my 45 pts (18th) of 37 racers receiving points last year!

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