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New Cellphone and Upgrade to Blog for Mobile Viewing

After several years of owning ultra-simple no frills (no camera, minimal web interface) Sanyo phones, we bit the bullet abit and upgraded to new Sony Ericsson Z750 phones and switched to AT&T as a provider. It seemed that AT&T provided the best coverage in both Philadelphia, PA and Aiken, SC areas. Of course, as rural as some parts of SC are, cellphone coverage will always be spotty in places.Sony Ericsson Z750aThe Z750 isn’t an iPhone but of course it doesn’t cost like one either. After the requisite discounts it was $50. Not bad for a world band phone that uses the AT&T 3G network.

So far (~week) I like the Z750 quite well. I still need to add in a memory card and bluetooth headset. I’ll probably go for a 4GB since this seems to a reasonable price point and 4GB should support most of what I would put on a phone. Marry the phone with the Sony Ericsson PC Suite and Outlook sync is a breeze. Sony Ericsson also provides a reasonable set of free ringtones. Just register your phone and you get access to their site and ringtone downloads. The tones aren’t really recognizable song clips but they do provide some free variety.

So far my only problem is pairing the phone via bluetooth with my EeePC. I’m able to transfer files fine, but when it comes to passcode connections it fails. At this point I think all the problems are on the EeePC side and not with the phone.

One thing that happens when you get a phone with web browser, is you become much more sensitive to your own web site view on a small screen. So I have added a WordPress plugin that automatically detects being viewed on a mobile screen (some PHP scripting does it) and creates a simple text version of the blog. Kinda neat. I hope it helps. Leave me a comment if you give it a try.


Comment from Matthew Botos
Time April 21, 2008 at 11:19 am

Your iPhone theme comes up nice and quick on my iPhone, though it seems designed for a wider screen. There’s empty space on the right which ends up making the text smaller.

Mobile and small-screen site design is a new challenge, and it’s interesting to see who’s first to market with really optimized sites.

For WordPress users, I’ve taken a cut at a custom WordPress iPhone theme.

Comment from oldcyberdude
Time April 22, 2008 at 10:26 am

Thanks Matt for taking a look. Supposedly the plugin detects a variety of mobile devices. What I don’t know is if it adjusts the style sheet, I think not. On my Z750 (240 px wide x 320 px high) the screen looks centered and uses the available space. I think the iPhone has more real estate and thus shows up different. Whne e can all afford iPhones then we’ll be in great shape.

BTW, how do you detect iPhone vs other mobiles?

Comment from the wife
Time April 22, 2008 at 1:42 pm

iPhones? didn’t know we were considering them

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