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Fun Family Weekend & Aiken Century

This weekend was simply a fun family weekend and respite from the racing scene. Lot’s of driving (and sending oil $$ to the middle east) but definitely worth it. First was a stop in Asheville NC to pickup a new bike (Look 595) and see son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. Even better was that my daughter and grandson drove from CT to Asheville, so it was rare family get together. On Friday, everyone heads for our second home in Aiken SC to open it for the season.

Only the under 10 year olds decided that the ~ 75 degrees in the pool was warm enough.

Sunday was a special cycling day, with 2 generations taking part in the Aiken Century ride. For Ariane, this was her first ever century ride. Over 100 miles in 6 hours for your first time! I wish I could have said that. BTW, “nana” and granddaughter had some quality time for a few hours. Daughter and grandson had to make it back to CT for Monday morning work & school.

During the ride my son (Kris) did a little balancing with the cellphone in video mode. So here you can catch your’s truly in the green jersey and Ariane behind me. You can read his blog here or on the blog roll to the right.


Comment from Matthew Botos
Time April 30, 2008 at 11:36 am

Neat that you managed to get everyone together and on bikes!

I’m doing a bit of bike photography now, so give me a shout if you do a local event.

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