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June 2024


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Sketchcrawl #6

Well sketchcrawl #6 is in the books. As my first real sketchcrawl I want to thank Danny Gregory for suggesting the Natural History Museum and responding to e-mails just enough that I was embarassed not to show up. Thank you Danny, it was a wonderful day and nice to meet you and Jack. I’m hooked! I didn’t get a chance to meet Enrico but thanks goes to him for inventing the sketchcrawl.

Some thoughts about yesterday.
1. Visit the Museum. It’s a great resource. Bring the kids, they’ll love seeing the animals. Though the food court isn’t haute cuisine, it is very convenient, organized, clean and wasn’t overly crowded even for a Sunday afternoon.

2. Being new to “plein air” I was impressed by the public. Often they might sneek a peak (mostly while I was doing some of the watercolor) but mostly you would hear a comment to one of their children explaining I was an artist (Wow, I don’t normally get called that) doing a painting. Also, they were considerate of my view from the bench. It was as if I were a photgrapher. They were very aware of standing too long in my line of sight.

3. Another thing I became aware of during the afternoon was the ethnic diversity of the crowd. As I was sketching I would hear quite a wide variety of languages and accents. NYC is a very diverse city.

4. For everyone that has heard the stories about driving in Manhattan, it wasn’t bad at all. I know it was Sunday afternoon but hey, in & out via the Lincoln Tunnel thru Times Square etc, and I didn’t get lost and was often in the correct lane to make turns…..Wow!

5. Finally, looking critically a North American mammals and others – They’re mostly brown! Light brown, dark brown, some very dark brown, a little yellowish brown, maybe even reddish brown but still mostly brown. Rarely a bit of grey. It doesn’t take much of a pallet to do mammals.

Ok, so here is what you’re really looking for the sketches….
Sketchcrawl #6 montage

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