Biography - David Kjellquist

Ham Radio:

This oldcyberdude started out as a young lad taking apart old television and radio sets when active components glowed and before components could only be seen under a microscope. As a teenager, I became a ham thanks to the Bloomfield Amateur Radio Club, Bloomfield Ct. and thus started a life long interest in communications and antennas.

I obtained my current call, WB5NHL, while I lived in the Dallas, TX. area. While living in the Dallas suburbs I actually had a ham "shack" in the form of a 10x16 ft building in the backyard.

My ham activity has ebbed and flowed with demands of school, family and profession. I have had major stations with tri-band beams and a 70 ft tower. My current station is more modest in an antenna-restricted townhouse and I'm relearning the joys of QRP.

Bicycle Racing:

I started racing in the early 80's in the Dallas TX area. The motivation for racing was to get some significant exercise. At the time my eengineering career limited the amount of time I could devote to riding. While touring groups are excellent exercise, they tend to dislike anyone that wants to go hard. For going hard meant I could squeeze exercisse into a hectic schedule. Racers, of course, always like to go hard and thus was born my start into racing.

RACE                                                 Category                                 Place
Lancaster TT Series #1	                        50+                                          6th 
Lancaster TT Series #2 		50+ 				4th 
Lancaster TT Series #3 		50+ 				5th 
Grinder Circuit Race (Philly 2-day)	4/5 				18th 
Vespin Criterium (Philly 2-day) 	4/5 				18th 
Farmersville RR 			50+ 				17th 
Habitat for Humanity Circuit Race 	4/5 				DNF 
Lower Providence Criterium 		4/5 				21st 
Lower Providence Criterium		50+ 				DNF 
Hellertown Criterium 			55+ 				DNF 
Wells Ave. Training Series Crit. 	C 				no pick 
Dick Adamucci Memorial RR 		55+ 				9th 
Dick Adamucci Memorial RR 		5 				no pick 
South York County RR 		50+ 				15th
Dave Wollet Memorial Criterium 	50+ 				14th
Wyoming Valley Crterium 		50+ 				15th


I have recently become interested in sketching and watercolor painting. I find the free style of Ronald Searle and Danny Gregory very appealing.